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Who Are We:
In 1996, the dawn of emails rapidly became a means of communication. Christian stories or poems would be sent or forwarded around the world to friends, family and neighbors alike.

In 1999, was formed for the dedication of everyone's enjoyment. Our goal is to provide Christian stories for the enjoyment and benefit of our viewers. Since 1996, we have gathered all the Christian stories and poems (almost all of them) that would be sent all over the world and placed them under one roof,

We are always looking for more stories to add to our database. Help us out by submitting a story.

If you would like to use a story or poem from our site, our motto is, "It's for everyone's enjoyment!" All we simply ask is that you provide a reference ie. to your publication.

Our Purpose:
Dedicated for your Enjoyment! With over 750 Christian stories and poems and growing, we hope you enjoy your visit here with us.

Help Support Us:

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