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Online Dating Guide


Common Worries

One thing that is common with most people when talking about online dating is they approach it with a little apprehension at first.  Asking themselves, "Why am I doing this?  Will I actually meet someone I'll like?  Aren't only people who can't get dates in the real world trying online dating?"  The truth is online dating is growing and more accepted today.  The reason is we all have less time.  In today's lifestyle and culture people want more control in socializing.  Many people are putting in more hours at work these days and some are even juggling two jobs leaving them little time to socialize.

This is where online dating comes in:  you choose who you want to talk to and when.  You have a wide selection of people to choose from, and often with their likes and dislikes right there to read.  So it is easy to find people you may share interests with.  These aren't random encounters at the bar but people you have done a little research on and decided you want to know more about and test the waters with a simple email message.

Match.com Match.com
A really good database to choose from. Their "wink" feature is nice because you can "wink" at a person to let them know you are interested in them. Try Match.com for free for 3 days!

Who uses them?

Everybody. You can't point to one demographic because that's like saying who goes to movies? It's essentially the world's biggest singles bar. Except you can do it in the privacy of your own home and take your time to read about someone and get to know them by e-mail and phone before you ever go out.

The Expansion Of Online Dating

Online dating is growing.  Socializing online is increasing as internet connections speed up with DSL and make it easier to navigate online.  The future of matchmaking online will get more advanced and fun - with videos, live voice, and more.

Again, the great thing about socializing online is you can be very exact about what you like and dislike right off, and choose people who share those interests or you may even want to meet someone who does something you would like to know more about.  You will not only meet someone new but take part in a new activity.  You might not like tennis but this person is such a good teacher that you come to enjoy not just this person's company but their sport and being around them.  Online dating just expands your opportunities to meet more diverse people.

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