Going Home

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We wake in the morning,
we got our dreams,
the task is to bring them into reality.
Hope in the Ghost,
the one with the most,
mmm, he sure got me.
If I'm a fish,
I bit the bait,
I sure don't want to show up late,
So I killed my dreams,
faced reality,
because getting home is a better thing.
Can't you feel it,
going through the fire!!!!
One time I walked,
a few miles,
through the desert to seek you out.
Now I know where it's at,
it's not in observation,
so I came back just like that.
I was thirsty,
yes for a change,
I didn't realize the revolution came.
So I got me a drink,
went on his way,
stood on the rock,
and would like to stay.
But can't you feel it,
Burning in the fire!!!!

Copyright ©... Ryan B. O'Reilly, (U.S.A.)