Help Us God

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God you are holy and mighty in all ways
And we are so judgmental of others
Help us God the rest of our days
To follow your commandants and love our brothers

We are supposed to be different Lord
By caring and forgiving one another
Striving to live in one accord
And not fighting among each other

People look at us and decide something's wrong
They can stay as they are it seems
Because to be what we have become Oh God
We are not an influence the right way, we
need to be redeemed

We hurt our brothers and sisters and
We talk about others all the time
We need revival quick in our land
We need to fall on our knees and remind

Remind ourselves of the reasons
We were put on this earth after all
Leading others to Christ in all seasons
And that is the bottom line I recall

So Christians wake up and proclaim
The word of God is true
Each will be judged the same
And held accountable for what they do.