Kristina's Testimony

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I guess I have lived a real hard teenage life. First of all when I was about 3 or 4 my parents split up. All I knew was that my dad was moving and mommy and daddy did not love each other anymore. Time went on and my dad and his NEW wife moved to New Jersey. I remember my dad saying me and my brother could come visit him. Well, that did not work out so great.

Years went by and I was growing into a teenager. With all this peer pressure and not knowing what to do I did some really stupid things. I pray each and every night that God can forgive me. I thought that a way to get out anger was to hurt myself. I drunk, smoked, did things with guys and started cutting myself.

To me it was better then having to dill with the real problem. I look back now and I say to myself "That problem was sooooooo stupid to hurt myself."

When I was 12 or 13 years old my Aunt and Uncle killed themselves. I was so scared and confused. I thought if they did it, it was right to do that too. I was the kinda person who would always carry a smile on my face but really inside it was not that good.

At that point of time me and my Mom did not get along. Every day we would fight over something. I can't believe I treated my Mom the way I did. I hope she can forgive me.

Now I write this story to tell others that there is a way out. Before you go and do something stupid STOP AND THINK ABOUT THE REAL PROBLEM!! I know you will find a better way out. Just turn to Jesus and tell him your problems. Sometimes I feel like God does not have time to listen to my problems but really he does. God has time for all of us.

For once in my life I feel like if I steak to my goals I will be somebody in life. God has helped me like a lot. I feel like a totally different person. Each morning I get up thanking God for letting me be here. At any time god could take your life away. Be thankful for what you have and keep your head up high. Never let anyone tell you that you don't mean anything in life cause YOU DO.

After reading this story I hope you will realize that doing this stuff is only hurting yourself. It might make others upset at you but really you are the one who is getting hurt. If anybody out there who would just like to talk or ask me a question just E-mail me or IM me and tell me if you liked the If you feel like there is no body to talk to I am here with a listening ear. I will try to help you in any shape and form but remember I don't have the answer to everything. I hope to here from you soon!!! Buh Bye and God bless. Love, Kristina