Moses or Jonah?

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Whenever God calls upon you, is your reaction more like that of Moses or of Jonah?

We all know the story of Moses! When God called him through a burning bush to go and free his people, his reply was swift and bold: "Here I am Lord". He was readily available and although obviously afraid, he did what he was called to do.

Jonah, on the other hand, did what most of us probably would do. God asked him to do a job for him but Jonah's reply was a big 'No way!' as he ran in the opposite direction on a boat and God had to send a storm and a whale to get his attention until he eventually did what he was called to do.

Are you a Moses or a Jonah?

One man was travelling along the motorway in his car praying to God. As he approached a service station he heard a voice order him to pull over, find a coke machine, and to do a handstand against it. The man, utterly confused, fought with himself about whether to bother doing such a strange thing, and he began to do a Jonah as he drove straight past the station.

However, as he carried on the voice came again and the man slammed on his brakes, turned around, and drove back to the station. In he went and in the corner he saw a coke machine. He nervously looked around but everything was quiet and there were no witnesses to embarrass him. As he got on his hands, ready to flip himself up, a young man burst into tears.

The driver gets up, looks around, and sees a young man crying under some chairs. "What's wrong?" he asks the man.

"Well, you see that bridge over there?" the man replies, "I was just about to jump off it, but I gave God one last chance to prove his existence. I told him that if he existed he should send someone to this station and do a handstand against the coke machine. It was so serial I thought it could never happen unless God really did exist, and he sent you!"

The driver then shared his faith with the young man who never did get to jump off that bridge.

Imagine what would have happened to this man if the driver had done a Jonah and refused to follow God's call?

Please, whenever God calls you, be like Moses and listen to his voice. Be brave and trusting as God may well call upon you to do a handstand for Him!