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I want you to know, that this is the end,
I'm tired of you. You can't be my friend.
Yes, in the past, I've been known to give in,
but now I know happiness doesn't come from sin.

You've caused so much pain, though in disguise,
the illusion you give can not escape my eyes.
I've been set free, by a power that's strong,
the strength of what's right, can overcome wrong.

You try to bring me down, but I know I'll survive,
you've tried to take my life, but I'm still alive.
So you think your temptation leads into sin?
I'm not that weak, I'm not taken in.

So try again, Satan, to steal my control,
it cannot be taken, for I've been made whole.
You were thrown into hell, crushed under my feet,
overcome by my God, but won't admit defeat.

This isn't a game, this is very real.
You're always to blame, for the depression I feel.
So this is it, it's finally through,
my life will be a happy place without you.