The Common Battle

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He tightens up his viselike grip,
To further ease your pain,
Whispering sweet nothings in your ear,
Showing you the pleasure to gain,

"It's what you want," he chides you,
"This will make things right,"
So you breathe a little deeper,
And decide not to continue to fight,

What others don't know won't hurt them,
You rationalize your sin,
And justify the common battle,
That's raging deep within,

That little twinge of truthfulness,
Is stifled by the rush,
"You deserve this" is what you hear,
You tell that doubt to hush,

But deep within your soul hungers,
Struggling to be free,
From the clutches of the evil one,
Who tries to steal your identity,

"But this is what I really want,"
"I'm in charge of my life",
Then why does it feel so empty?
And cuts your core like a knife?

Its right then that you can see it,
You're in the full brunt of the storm,
But there is someone who is waiting,
To help you be reborn,

So you reach out with faith of a mustard seed,
As little as it seems,
It's enough though to show the way,
And help you back to your dreams,

He won't stop trying not ever,
He wants to rob and steal,
But with the love of Jesus Christ,
Your heart and soul will heal.