The Rock

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Upon this rock He lays His hands
His eyes bleed
But the color is not red
It's the clear blood..a tear
Many fall
He was made a man for this moment
Pain has come, is it now more than He can bear
The pain I have felt is powerful
Driving a man to desperation
Give me something for this pain
A needle to jab my vein
Make it all flow away
A bottle to swallow it up
A pill to swallow
A lover to validate me
Power to kill pain
This man has all the power, but He can not kill the pain
Pain is coming
Abandonment. Betrayal. Shame. Ambivalence.
This man rises from His rock
A purpose in His stride
Pain has come
Abandonment. Betrayal. Shame. Ambivalence.
But His will is stronger than the pain
And He walks into the night, into His destiny
And I walk into the night, searching for my destiny
It's coming. The pain will soon be a memory
A memory that can define me, or bind me
My third day is coming
A day that brings validation and justification
So upon this Rock I lay my hands
And I cry. I have found myself in pain
Pain demands a response
And I have responded
Love. Sacrifice. Obedience.