The Time Has Come

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Everyday I look around and see the pain in people's eyes.
The hate taht spreads around is once again on the rise.
It is hard to see who is winning this war between Heaven and Hell.
People are slipping into sin without raising their eyes after they fell.

We need to show the world of the love that is within us.
We need to show them the joy that grows without a fuss.
This joy and love we need to spread through the eyes of Him.
The world needs to meet Jesus Christ and reach out with every limb.

For without the help of our brothers and sisters, the war will gain more loss.
So everyone on their knees and pray for the strenght we need for our cause.
Every child of God must helpl lead others to salvation and life.
We must feel for those who are lost in the world, for this we must strive.

I feel deep within me that His coming once again is near.
We need more children who can face Him without any fear.
No fear, because we know without a doubt we are in the book.
So as shepards to the world, for the little lost lamb must we look.

The time is coming where we must stand up and fight.
Against the demons of Hell, we can win with the help of Christ.
For this fight I pray, that we can all see what needs to be done.
We must show His love to others before Jesus Christ comes.