Too Busy For God

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There is this guy named Rudy and he keeps letting God down. Rudy just got saved and is 100% on fire for him. In time Rudy finds this Girl and he falls deeply in love. He is always talking on the phone with her and always going places. He does not pick up his bible nor does he find time to kneel before God.

By the time Rudy gets off the phone he is dead tired and all he does is look at his bible but he does not take the time to read it. Before you know it Rudy is falling into the devil's trap. Before Rudy meant Maria he was going to church and always praying and reading his bible daily. Now its amazing if he even goes to church. Rudy was too busy for God. He was too busy living his own life to the fullest. Rudy knew that once he let God come in he would not live for him self but for God.

Rudy told him self day after day that he would read his bible and that he would get his life back in order and that he would have time for God. But every time and Everyday he had the chance he would talk on the phone and do things on the weekends.

One-day Rudy's luck ran out and died. He awoke in HELL, He was screaming and yelling. Rudy could taste Hell and Smell Hell and see Hell and Hear Hell. He was horrible and scared but he was on fire and in pain. Rudy knew this was no nightmare. He Yelled to God "please give me another chance" but God cannot go back on his word. (John 3:16) Rudy was on fire day and night he could not rest nor could he see Maria. Rudy cried day and night God help me. Rudy asked some one in Hell what happened why didn't I make it to heaven? The person Said " Rudy you were too busy for God" Just like all your other friends they are too busy for God and one day they will be here FOREVER!!!!! Unless they get wise and live for God. Then the person started to cry and said " if only I could relive my life, I would tell my friends and family not to be too busy for God.