Who Am I?

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Do you know ---- I am lost in this quest many call Life
There is a fork in the road
Which road do I take?
One easy and One hard
The easy one lets me be accepted and one of the world
The hard one helps me to step away from the world
And take up my cross and follow Jesus
I am so confused
What do I do?
I want to be accepted, but yet I want to follow Christ
I know I can't have both, but I want to so bad
Is it wrong to want to be accepted?
Is that not what everyone wants?
O Lord, Hear My Cry, What do I do?
My mind is torn as if I live two lives
As if I am running from my past
But I can't keep running
I must decide here and now
Which road do I take in this fork in the road?
I turn to the easy and think of were it leads
Then to the hard and think of were it leads
Now or never I have to chose;
For I never know if I will ever get another chance
The easy seems so tempting, but has a strange sense of pain
The hard not appealing at all, but full of Love
Now I know which path to take and with all my strength and courage
I turn to hard path and with patience walk down it I know what to do?
I won't get lost for I know that the blood shed at the cross was for me
And so I will no longer ask ..... Who am I ?