You Must Go Now

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Here you are at the Gate of Heaven
Asking if you can get in
I ask you one simple question
During your life, did you chose me or sin?

Your head hangs so lowly now
You cannot look me in my eyes?
"Forgive me, Lord, Forgive me, Lord
I want Heaven's paradise"

I've been waiting for you to say that
I tried many times to get you to
But you ignored my many tries
And now I'm done with you

Your chances are now over, I'm sorry
You've spoken up much too late
I was always there for you
Trying to lead you to the right gate

I asked you not to swear
I told you I will care for you more than any drug
I forgave you time after time
And you continuously refused my love

Do not fight, drink, or swear
I promise I can show you more fun
But you just couldn't believe me
Well I hope it was worth it, son

I fought the devil off of you many times
The scars for you I could show
But they could do nothing for you now
And I'm sorry you must go