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I was a day care provider & there was a child in my care named Jason-that God used to continue my journey with God. Jason was only 4 years old-but he knew how to pray. Jason started praying for me & asked his dad to pray too.

I can still remember the phone ringing & Jason saying, "Kim will you come to church with me?" Of course I agreed to go. Jason asked me to church every Wednesday & Sunday.

One day Jason asked me, "Have you been baptized?" I explained to him I was baptized as a baby. Jason told his dad & his dad made arrangements to study with me. For the next 4 weeks Greg (Jason's dad) rode his motorcycle over to my parent's house to have a Bible study with me. After several scriptures were read on babtism; I told Greg I wanted to be baptized. Mathew 28:19 "Therefore go & make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, son, & of the holy spirit". (NIV)

I was to be baptized in a small pond in Claremont, IL. As I went down into the water-I can still remember the beautiful singing of the people as they sang:"I will follow Jesus - No turning back".

As I came up out of the water-I knew my sins were forgiven & buried-to be held against me no more. I was a complete new creature in Christ. I don't know how many people were saved by Jason's prayers & willingness to share Jesus with others. We as adults need to hiumble ourselves & become like a child. Pray for everyone & use every opportunity to share the message of the gospel.