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I sit and think of what I used to be.
It wasn't me it was what everyone else wanted to see.
I had to change to fit in the crowd.
My kindness and unbroken rules were not allowed.

Soon drugs were my only option to be cool.
But now I can only think that I was such a fool.
I was a fool to not do what I knew was right.
I gave-in to soon and thought that I had lost the fight.

But now I realize that the devil didn't win!
For I have repented of every sin.
I did what is good again when I turned to the Lord.
He became exactly what I wanted and changed my whole world.

I choose now to not follow but to leave.
I have found what I truly want in life, everything I need.
With the Lord's helping hand I have now found a way.
And I truly know that if lean on him, I can conquer all the battles that I face every day.