Crossed Beams

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Dream cast to deed
Bird carried seed
To Earh falls to breed
Majestic wooden steed

Spring thaw to sapling
Gave whispers to grapling
Mercy's perfect yielding
Green timber sin forgiving

Self-lifted twixt Heaven and Earth
Decires His mortal Birth
Forgiveness their sin of Mirth
Saves mankind in funeral Dirth

Perfect Adam so sublime
Comes as one like us in time
Announced through Angel rhyme
To Mary, virgin mother thine

King of word and King of Wood
Carpenter artist of handmade good
Speak life to objects inanimate
By skills learned by gift incarnate

When Fathers' Call upon your heart
Drove you from shop to stream
Began ministry in this simple start
Ends as your life makes the Father beam

There upon the cross so cruel
You, my Lord, won the duel
For lives of each and every sinner
From Adam, Eve, who trusted sin beginner

Now the timbers from the tree
Grown and felled for epiphany
My Savior chose to set free
My soul He won in destiny

Timbers creaking beneath the load
Of the word's sins so long foretold
Things that keep us out the fold
For pleasure brief our joy we sold

Christ chose to give to me
Another chance at Eternity
restored, forgiven by this Love
Through the seed carried by the Dove