Father Are You There?

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A little child lay in the dark;
The room was strange, he saw nowhere,
He was afraid; but then he called,
"Father, are you there?"

He felt a hand, so strong and warm,
Close clasping his: then calm and clear
He heard his father's tender voice,
"Yes, Lad, I am here."

Like the small child, we sometimes feel
That we are in the dark of care;
In terror of some harm, we call,
"O Father, are You there?"

We reach are hand to Him, and find
A blessed answer to our fear;
His hand holds ours; we hear His voice,
"Fear not, for I am here."

So though we tremble in the dark,
In need of strength and help and cheer,
We have a tender Father's word,
"Fear not, for I am here."