Follow The Path

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Come; follow the path to the cross,
Where the Savior paid for you;
And although the journeys not easy,
You'll find eternal life, if you do.

The path it has many a cross road,
From the straight path do not stray;
For going along down a cross road,
You can easily lose your way.

Remember the Saviors footprints,
Have been down this pathway before;
Just follow along and you'll find,
He's walking the pathway once more.

Let Him guide and show you the pathway,
Through life as you travel along;
Just follow wherever He leads you,
You'll never be lead into wrong.

For the cross is our savior's redemption,
The place where He gives life to you;
The place where you gain Gods forgiveness,
The doorway of heaven for you.

So follow the path of The Savior,
He's waiting there just for you;
He holds in His hands your redemption,
And Gods forgiveness to you.