God's Detours

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Want to hear something interesting?? God has his own agenda. I hadn't even sent you all the email yet and God decided to use the opportunity. As I was proof reading the paper over and over this one enlisted guy whom I usually talk to at nights came in. He works the night shift for our DET.

7pm-7am. He is night shift supervisor so he is in charge at night. His name is AE1 Yang. Usually, it is kind of understood to give people respect when they are emailing by not reading their email, but he saw that I was writing a novel. Him and I usually talk anyways so he said what's up and asked what I was working on. I told him I was working on a project. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but that is when it happened.

"Can I read it" came out of his mouth. I wasn't anticipating that. It caught me totally off guard. Um um was my response. I said it is kind of personal.

I just assumed it was Satan sending someone in to distract me. Anyways, he persisted and said, "come on, I know I joke around a lot, but I can be serious when I need to." So again he asked, and I said okay so long as he wouldn't say something negative. He said okay. And then he read it. I didn't know what to think. Well, evidently I was incorrect. Cuz instead of Satan sending Yang, it was definitely God. When he finished reading the paper, he was quiet for a second. I was quiet cuz i didn't know what to say. He opened up by saying, I feel really convicted right now. I sat there confused. He said he feels convicted, cuz of my resistance to him reading the paper. If I wasn't openly willing to allow him to read it, then that means his outward appearance must not be Christ-like. He then goes on to tell me about his life and how he became saved. He told me how he was one of those Christians who has been compromising this whole cruise, which is why no one could tell of his belief system. We talked for about a two hours, with distractions walking in and out. He then opened up and told me, now that he knows I am a Christian, it all makes sense. It is like the light turned on about how I am getting treated out here. He said in his 18 year navy career there have been 4 people that he can remember who were classic cases of how a Christian is treated in the military. He said I was a classic case. It felt so good for one second knowing that someone actually understood. Since I have been talking to him over the months, we have talked about family and he has come to me for advice. He said it all makes sense now where I was coming up with my advice. I told him now he knows where I was getting my information (the Bible). Anyways, so that is my story thus far. I hadn't even sent off the paper to you nor my family and God was already working. Now I wake up a couple minutes ago and I have an email from this guy and he is asking me to be is accountability partner. He said it will be good now that we are on the same page as to where we stand in beliefs. I wasn't expecting this at all. I am somewhat caught off guard. Here I wrote something for people at home and a curve ball is thrown.

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