Going to Heaven!

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At the age of ten, I did not know a thing about the Lord and all of his glory. The year of my fifth grad I had gotten the worst news ever, my mother had cancer. I remember when my brother asked the question that made my heart jump, he asked "Mom, can you die from this?" In her answer she replied that it could kill her, but God will be with her every step of the way.

My mother ended up passing away only months after. I was so scared to be a girl without a motherly figure around. I told my father that I wanted to attend a church whenever we got settled into our new house that we had moved into, just after my mothers death. He agreed, but it was so hard adjusting, that all we had time to do was worry.

My father started to date, and soon after I had a step-mother. She attended the First Church of God, in which now I attend. I started to attend there once in a while, whenever I had time. Now, I can't miss a chance to be in the house of God whenever I can.

This past summer, one of the boys who was a former member of the youth group i attend, was killed in a car accident. That was the big slap in the face from God. Jason had told his mother, just weeks before his death, that if he were to die tomorrow, he knew he was goin to heaven.

I have been shown so much heartbreak through my Mother's and Jason's death.....but now all I see that has come out of it, is rejoicing. I am now aware that I am a child of God, and I am now a very active member in my church at the age of 14.

I didn't know how to go on without my mother around....but what has gotten me through it, is knowing that I will get to be with her for eternity some day!