I'll Be Waiting

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I made little bees
To make honey that's sweet,
So that my children
Could have a treat.

I bent the trees
A certain way,
Then sent a breeze
So they would sway.

I made the sand
And oceans too,
A beautiful rainbow
In a sky of blue.

The fragrance of a flower
I would carefully prepare,
And every detail of creation
I intended to share.

And I pictured you
And how you would be,
And I made you
Just for me.

I chose your moment to come
And your time to go,
I have nourished you
Made you blossom and grow.

And you did bear fruit
That we will share,
You have nurtured the blossoms
I put in your care.

And as you look back
Down memory lane,
I want you to know
Your greatest gain.

It's your memories of harder times
That you can look back on today,
And truly cherish
In a special way.

Memories of pleasure
Memories of strife,
Opportunity for Me
To work in your life.

And the love of your children
In a beautiful way,
As it blossoms more
With each passing day.

The love of your family
Of each and every friend,
That will be with you
Til the very end.

And when your new life
Will finally begin,
Those memories and that love
Will be deep within.

For no thorns or thistles
Have hindered the way,
My roots have grown deeper
With each passing day.

And I AM the potter
And you are the clay,
I have made you perfect,
In every way.

And what you have reaped
You will sow,
And you have helped many
Hearts to grow.

So please don't ever
Be afraid to die,
You'll never hurt
You'll never cry.

You'll see this world
With all it's strife,
But you'll want to go on
And live you're life.

For the angels will be singing
With one accord,
And you'll see Me
You're Savior and Lord.

And you'll be reaching
Out to Me,
And there'll be so much
Love that you'll see.

You will feel My presence
Gaze at My face,
Overflow with My love
And be filled with My grace.

I will hold you tight
We'll walk hand in hand,
And My lovingkindness
Will flow through the land.

Heaven is wonderful
And you'll want to stay,
For you'll be by My side
Day after day.

So I'll be waiting
Until that day,
When you see My Glory
Coming your way.

So please don't ever
Be afraid to die,
For you will be
With God on high.

May Jesus use this to reach and heal a heart-- Cathy Henrie