Kept By The Power of God

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It may be on the mountain top
Where skies are fair and blue.
It may be in the valley low
Where shadows dim our view.

Wherever we may find ourselves,
Whatever we may do,
God's promise to His children holds---
Forever it is true.

So, Whether shut-in from the world
Or walking 'cross the sod,
We have the promise that we are
"Kept by the power of God".

Oh, precious promise that is ours,
Be skies bright blue or grey,
He is our refuge and our strength,
Our help from day to day.

He is our comfort and our peace,
He guides each step we take.
He knows which paths are best for us
And maketh no mistakes.

Let's not forget God's love for us
While on life's way we trod;
For all is well.
We're in His care.... "Kept by the power of God".