Learn To Lean

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It took me forever, Lord, to learn how to lean.
To leave my friends as you lovingly began to wean.
I know I was stubborn, and I dug in my heels,
And when you applied pressure did I ever squeal.

It was a concept, Lord, that I just hadn't learned,
And obviously . . . I was not too much concerned.
But as my old leaning-posts were taken away,
Routine confidence . . . began rapidly to fray.

Then your Holy Spirit, made it abundantly clear,
To you alone, Lord, must I unltimately adhere.
Only in your word and Spirit, may I ever grow strong,
As you continue to teach me, a blessed new song.

It is not in friends and others, that I will understand.
All my strength and wisdom, must come to me firsthand.
No longer can another, walk me through the task,
For only in Your guidance, may I safely bask.

Keep on teaching me Lord, and keep me close to you.
(For without you beside me I haven't got a clue.)
I belong to you Lord I am your creation . . .
I want only to praise you without cessation!