Made New

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Just like an old doll that nobody wants,
with blinded eyes and crumbly stalks!

Discarded, forgotten, left all alone!
Lost in a corner; never touched; face of stone!

I was that old doll, feeling no one cared!
Eyes blinded by tears, heart broken and scared.

The worlds closing in, sucking each breath I drew.
I thought I was useless; I felt my life through.

Life seemed so cold, so bitter, so cruel;
Ending it now, seemed all I could do!

As I raised the hand that would claim my fate,
I heard a lloud Voice shouting, "I love you, Please wait"

"I'll take your old herat and make it like new!
I'll wipe your tears, and I'll be your new shoes"

"I'll not forget you; I'll always be near!
Just reach out and touch Me; I'm waiting, I'm here!"

"I'll be your shelter when the strom winds blow!
I'll dress you in Armor; paint a face that will glow!"

I fell to my knees, body trembling with shame!
Cried out to the Lord, my heartaches and pain!

The dark clouds are gone, replaced by Light!
My eyes now all clear, I have a New Sight!

My emptiness now filled with Love and New Hope!
With God as my Bunker, this world, I can cope!