Mama, Why Am I Black?

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Cleve Francis, M.D.,is a practicing cardiologist and well-known country-western singer. At the age of twelve, however, he had no idea that he would be either.

About the embark on his teenage years, Cleve became keenly aware of the inequality of being poor and black. Though his family was religious, he began to wonder if God was punishing him for something.

One day, while walking with his mother on her daily seven mile trip through steaming heat to the "big house" where she was maid, he asked, "Mama, why am I black ?"

His mother replied, "God is a good God. He made the heavens and the earth. He made the great mountains, rivers, and oceans. He made all living creatures and He made you. He gave you a beautiful black color. God make no mistakes, Cleve. You were put here on this earth for a purpose and you must find it. "

Cleve was instantly filled with joy and a sense of purpose and belonging. And with this new perspective on life, he began seeking in earnest to find his purpose.

How 'bout us ?