New Beginning

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There's another way of living which is not by constant sinning.
It will bring you out brimming, because it is a "New Beginning!"
This New Beginning is a "Born Again" experience!
You can be young or, old as Methuselah.

Age doesn't matter, Just contact God the Father'
He through Jesus knows exactly what to do!
If you haven't got the "Spirit" your a Candidate!
You must have the Spirit as proof your Born Again!

This is not a "New Religion" it's a "Personal Relationship"
With God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son.
So come to God the Saviour and ask His forgiveness,
For all the wrong you've done from birth right up till now.

He not only forgives sins, He also will forget them.
Once you confess to Him there gone forever more!
Isn't it wonderful we can have a New Beginning!
Any-age/anytime Yes, He's waiting now for "YOU!"