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Lord- When I wake in the sunrise of your creation,remind me of you love. When I go about my day, remind me you are with me. When my sins corrode my heart, remind me of the cross. When the devil reminds me of the things I have done, Lord remind me of your forgiveness. When I don't feel like giving remind me of the Lamb who gave his life.

There are days Father that I don't want to go on, remind me of your strength. When my path doesn't seem clear and all I see are valleys remind me that you are my light. When trials come my way, remind me of your shelter. When I look the other way and your will is farthest from me, remind me of my salvation. When the world tugs at me, and call my name remind me Lord, it was you who loved me first.

When others have done evil deeds against me, remind me of my own trespasses. When I feel that I am losing the battle, remind me that you are ultimately the victor. When I feel the chains confounding my freedom remind me Lord, you are my redeemer.