The Discovery

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Did he not see the tears
tumbling down the child's cheek?
Living in fear of him -
Love and safety was all she seeked.

There was no one there,
no one to offer protection.
She relied only on herself,
lost in a world of aversion.

Is it that nobody knew
or did they just turn a blind eye?
Some with their heads in the sand,
others staring at the sky.

He came and took what he wanted,
ignoring her body-shaking fear.
Led by his own blinding desires,
disregarding the solitary tear.

Unwilling to be made weak,
she moved to a state of acceptance.
Separating her body and soul
was her one and only chance.

Enclosed in her thick, protective walls,
she lived a life of games.
Hiding behind a thousand masks
her real self buried in the shame.

She moved through life unfeeling,
merely one of the living dead.
Cut off from her broken heart
she found recluse in her head.

She never made herself known,
never let anyone too close.
They might see behind her mask -
the very thing she feared the most.

The world was a dangerous place -
men led by the temptations of lust
dismissing her futile cries of protest,
there was no one left to trust.

She became the victim time and again
thinking there was no other choice.
She allowed others to take from her,
unsure of her own voice.

Sitting alone in the darkness
all of her hope was lost.
She needed to end the burning pain
despite the towering cost.

Was this a life worth living?
A life built on a mountain of lies.
A world that could break her spirit
by dismissing her mournful cries.

Surrendering to the crashing waves
she let herself begin to drown.
Sinking deeper in her sea of despair,
there was no help to be found.

Immersed in the waters of death,
she started to cry.
Trembling like a frightened child,
she whispered, "Dear Lord, don't let me die."

As she slipped below the surface,
she felt a hand take her own.
He pulled her from the grips of death -
she was no longer alone.

She looked and saw a single tear
as it traveled down His face.
"How could you doubt my presence?"
He asked with a comforting embrace.

"I was there with you always,
waiting for you to call my name.
Hurting along with you,
feeling your every strain."

Could it be she hadn't seen
this savior by her side?
The voices had said that no one cared.
Apparently, the voices lied.

There was someone left to trust.
The search had been so long.
She finally found her place of safety,
a place where she belonged.

She had her second chance at life,
the chance to begin anew.
The strength she found in the savior
will forever see her through.

The mistakes of her past
have forever been erased.
The demons that raped her spirit
have forever been replaced.

She gave her life to Him
so that He might lead the way.
Trusting in His judgment,
growing stronger everyday.

Wading in the waters of life,
learning how to live,
discovering the joys of friendship
and the happiness life can give.

She can finally live her life,
step out from behind her mask.
He will be there to shepherd her -
All she has to do is ask.