There Is Help Along the Way

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Lay down that heavy load, take the weight off of your back. Pick up your shoulders down the road and come back and get your sack.

You do not have to tote it all. There's help along the way. You must seek it out, or on it's shelf it will stay.

For there is always an easier way than the road we sometimes chose. But on that beaten path we stay and at every turn we lose.

It isn't destiny and it sure ain't fate.
For no one wants a destructed life or a heart so full of hate.

But there are many roads to choose. It's a chance of which to pick. If you pick the wrong one and lose, then turn around really quick.

Start down another path and head another way. You just might find if you don't give up, that there's help along the way.

You may not have to return to that load and carry it all alone. For surely somewhere along that road, you'll at least find a buggy, a horse and a stone.

You take that stone and cast it afar. Hook up that buggy to that horse and wish upon every twinkling star.

For all of these heavy loads you bare have built a very strong back. You may have laid them down to rest and got yourself back on track.

But look at how strong and understanding you now are. For you now have had to see, that life is not as easy for some, and you've hopped out of your judgment seat.

You see the world through different eyes. Compassion takes the place of judgment, and meekness the place of pride.

Your judged now, by others like your self in the past. But one day they may carry that load, that heavy , heavy load, and have to walk that road at last.

And as they travel that road with their back so weighted down and their shoulders slumped with pain. And as their load seems to get lighter, down'll come a cold hard rain.

Their load'll get heavier, they feel so all alone.
They walk along this long hard road, and then they walk upon a stone.

They'll lift that stone and cast it afar. They'll look up in the darkened sky and wish upon every little twinkling star.

And here you'll come, back up that road, with horse and buggy, (but you've tossed your stone) to return to your load you left behind.

And you won't pass them by, but you;ll stop to help, with tears of compassion in you once judgmental eyes.

They will learn as you have too, that life is not easy for all. But with each load we tote, we'll remember to help someone instead of judge, when they begin to fall.

If each and every one of us, could walk that long hard road, and learn for, each and every heavy load that we are forced to tote.

If it taught us to lay it down and not tote it all at once. But to go on down that long, long road and rest upon a stump.

Take our time and not always rush, the load would not be so hard to bare. We would not be quite so tired and we could take the time to care.

Often at times it takes that road, it takes that aching back and the shoulders in a slump, it takes that very heavy load, to slow us down to an even pace and pick us up out of the dumps.

It takes all the hardships that we go through to see how easy some have it made. To make us appreciate those lemons in life, even though we sometimes forget to make that lemonade.

But, we've carried our load, we've learned our lessons. We've traveled that road and earned a heart of compassion.

These of us move to yet another load. For it seems to me that we are the ones that choose those long hard roads. But you'll know that there is always help along the way, for on that long hard traveled road is where I seem to stay.