The Tear Reader

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Uncontrolled thoughts racing fury
Paralyzed emotion face affixed; worry
Screaming demons forever talking
Fear crouches in the shadow so dark; stalking

Torment. Daunting anguish afraid to reason
Lonely. Crowded solitude. Spiritual treason
Ready to burst not knowing what to do
No words to utter. Life experience too few

Wounded to long. Crushed. Hurt to deep
Please. Meaningless words are so cheap
Who will listen and understand
To the voice that trumpets; unheard by man

Tear stained pillow; interminable nights
Drenched whispers the last effort to fight
God, my well is parched and dry
Life's chapter complete. A final authored cry

Open up your eyes and put away your fears
I have read each one your tears
Quiet my child. I am your God, never doubt
I have already worked it out

Debra A. Lax
Copyright 2000, 2001