To Blame God

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On June 7th, 2000 I was involved in a pretty bad motorcycle accident. I broke both of my feet, broke my right collarbone, separated my left shoulder from my arm and shattered the left side of my pelvis. By God's grace the doctors were able to piece me back together and after some time in the hospital I was back home. I was wheelchair bound for awhile but now am making a full recovery.

God has given me many great people in my life through this accident. He had carried me most of the time. Some may say..."How can you still worship a God that would allow you to go through so much pain?" Well, I'm going to tell you a story.

When you were young and your father was teaching you to ride your bike for the first time and you fell off and hurt yourself, did you get mad at him? Of course you didn't. He didn't push you down and you know the furthest thing from his mind was to cause you to get hurt.

Well, God's allot like that. He steers you through life. Sometimes you fall and hurt yourself physically and spiritually. But He is there, to help lift you up. He will hold you and comfort you in those times. Just like your dad did when you fell off that bike. Am I mad at God for what happened? NO! I am grateful. Grateful that I have a Father that will pick me up and comfort me in my time of need.