Born Again Monster

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There once lived a vampire the legends say,
who couldn't stand blood in any way.
While others hunted and killed for delight,
this monster would hide, for fear of the night.

And when others drank from throats and fled,
this strange one kissed their necks instead.
And when the victims screamed their fears,
he'd talk to them, and dry their tears.

When monsters roam the streets at night,
this beastly thing would sit and write.
Stories and poems of love and pain,
written to those who have been slain.

Now no one knows why he did such things,
but legends say God gave him wings.
And to this day the legends state,
he stands outside, of Heaven's Gate.

So when you die and see him there,
go talk to him if you dare.
He'll kiss your cheek, and dry your tears
and wipe away, all your fears

Even a monster who is born to fright,
can turn to God, and do what's right.
Even a man who is born to sin,
can turn to God, and be BORN AGAIN.