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There were four people all on a small plane togehter. An hour into the plane fide the pilot announced that the plane was going down and that everyone woul need to jump;then h put on his parachute ad jumped-leaving only three parachutes for the four passengers.

The first passenger to grab a parachute was a doctor who explained that he was on he verge of discovering a cue for cancer; therefore, he was clearly the most important passenger. That said, he jumped out of the doomed plane.

The second passenger claimed to be the smartest man in the world. "Surely ou wouldn't want the smartest man in the world to o down with the plane" he expained, and he jumped too.

The only two passengers left were a Boy Scout and a priest. The priest told the young boy that he had lived a good life and was ready to die, so the boy should take thh parchute and jump to safety. The Boy Scout calmy answered, "Don't worry. There are still two parachutes left. 'The smartest man in the world' just jumped out of the plane with my backpack."