God vs. Satan

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God created people and Satan created Mcdonald's with matching Quarter pounder and asked the man,"do you want fries with that?" God created vegetables for the man and woman to stay fit and healthy God asked "do you want fruits with that?"

Satan created bad magazines and asked"do you want more pictures for that?" 

God created a book for more education and asked "Do you want a bookmark for that?" Satan created interactive games and asked "Do you want a control pad for that?"

God created more educational books and asked "Do you want more visual aid for that?" Satan created ice cream for all the women to get physically "unfit"and asked"do you want extra sprinkles for that?"

God created crispy salad and asked"do you want dressing to go with that?" Satan created TV with a matching remote control and asked "Do you want a couch for that?"

God created the potato a vegetable that is full of vitamins for man to eat for daily diet  and asked "Do you want dip with that?" And Satan created the potato chips for the people to suffer very fatty and dangerous food to increase choresterol.

God said "That's good" and the man who ate the potato chips got a heart attack and Satan said "No, that is good" And the race continued on and on.....