I Pay All My Tithes

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There were two men stranded on a deserted island. The first man was frantic and worried about being rescued. While the other was nice and calm, happy as could be. 

The first man was pacing up and down the beach, worrying and cussing about what are they going to do. "They've got to find us, what are we going to eat, how long are we going to survive?" And so on he went just a worrying the whole time.

The other guy was just kicked back soaking up the sun, just having a grand ole time. Not a worry in the world.

The first guy,irritated by his calmness, asked him "how can you be so calm, we're going to die if someone don't find us?"

The second guy said "let me put it to you this way, first I'm a Christian, secondly I'm a CEO at my company, and I brought in over 500 thousand dollars last year, and I pay all of my tithes. Believe me my pastor is going to find me."