My Grand-Daughter

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One day, as I went to get my granddaoughter, Lara, out of school, she told me that she wanted to have a boyfriend, so I said to her: "I think you are very young. since she is in kindergarten.

A couple of days before that, I had told her the story of Samson and I had told her that he wasnīt supouse to tell the secret of his strength, and his hair and so on, and because of that he went out of it and was taken to a place where he was tied.

I think Lara got the idea, that afternoon I was telling my husband about Lara, that she wanted to have a boyfirend, but I didnīt know she was listening and she came to us almost crying and she told me: Now, you are going to get out of strength and you are going to be taken to prison, because it was a secret and you just told grandpa our secret!!!