The QB Mom

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Ziinnnggg! Right to the side of the head! "Man she's getting good with that nerf football," I thought as I leapt behind the sofa. I really didn't think mom was paying that much attention to the superbowl this past weekend, but I could be wrong.

Of course my smart comments could be giving her a little extra incentive. She just asked me if I wanted to clean up my room, and I told her that it fit my lifestyle fine just the way it was. That's when she lobbed in the heavy artillery. I'm just glad we weren't watching a track and field event.

Maybe cleaning up the room isn't the real need. Maybe if I cleaned up my lifestyle, the room would follow suit. Most times the outward appearance is just a symptom of what is under the surface. I think I better explore that possibility. I wonder what the bible says about cleaning your room.. Hmmm. I seem to recall a verse.

I think it goes "the labor is great, but the workers are few."

(1) No that's not the one. I decided to go over to visit my neighbor, Wise Bob and see what he thought about this dilemma. "Doesn't it say 'Come to me when you're weary, I'll make your burden light?'"
(2) "Something like that," Wise Bob said. "But I don't think it's about cleaning your room. You ought to read that one again." "The only other verse I found said 'When it arrives, and finds the room swept clean and in order, it brings in 7 evil spirits to move in and make it worse than before it was cleaned.'"
(3) "You have a real tendency to take scriptures out of context young man," Wise B said. "The scriptures don't mention cleaning up your room, but they do speak of having a pure heart.

In Matthew 12:35 it says 'For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.'" "If you get your heart clean, I'm sure your mother will stop bouncing that football off your head." "Thanks W.B." Then I went home to dig my way into my room. *1 - Mt. 9:37, *2 - Mt. 11:29, *3 - Mt. 12:44 copyright tom robinson 1999-2001