The Saxaphone Player That Went to Hell

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Joe, a dynamite jazz saxophone player is killed in a car crash, dies instantly, and finds himself before St. Peter at the front gate of heaven. St. Peter checks The Book, "You're not listed, to hell you must go!"

As Joe approaches, he hears this fantastic jazz sounds emanating from beyond hell's door. Satan warmly greets him with a smile, "Welcome, son, come on in, there's a spot reserved just for you!"

Joe remarks, "Surely, this can't be hell?"

"Why, of course it is, my son, we play the best jazz music around!" Satan replies.

As Joe settles in his seat, he's given a fabulous sounding saxophone and gets right into the groove with the rest of the band. He's in his glory, wailing out notes he never knew existed. Then the lead player motions for him to get up and play his solo which he executes with the greatest of ease.

"Man, oh, man, I would have never tho't hell would be like this! This is heaven!" he says to himself.

Finished, he sits down and continues playing thro' several more solos by other band members. He's getting tired now and leans over to the next guy and asks, "Hey, man, so when do we go to the CODA?"

The reply, "We NEVER go to the CODA!"