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Written after hearing of the communications we send out into space looking for life.

Sitting here I contemplate the meanings of this earth.
Suspended here in space and time, what's the reason for our birth?

We reach out to the universe, as far as we can see.
Out beyond the stars and space, to distant galaxies.
Searching for some answers, or even just a clue.
What's the reason for this life we live? Why is there me and you?

The more we look, the more we see. It seems we're all alone.
No one's out there calling back from that distant telephone.
But there has to be a reason? Some purpose for this place?
Some reason for our being here. Alone in outer space.
I've heard it called "The Kingdom" or "the Kingdom Of The Air",
This place where we've been staying. This planet that we share.

Just look at all this splendor! All this living glory!
There absolutely has to be, more meaning to this story.
There has to be some reason, why we cannot hear a sound?
No signal from a far-off place. No meanings to be found?
Maybe someone's out there, but they simply cannot hear?
Or maybe they're not answering, because they live in fear.

Maybe they're out there looking back, and all that they can see,
Is death and hate and war and sin, throughout humanity.
Maybe we will never hear the answers, to the questions that we seek.

We'll sit and listen forever more, without a single peep.
Maybe it's all up to us? Could the answers be right here?
Could they be within ourselves? Maybe we can stop the tears?

Maybe looking "out there" is not where we should be?
The reasons or the meanings, may be looking back at me?
I think that I'm beginning now, to find that which I ask.
Everything's here in front of me. Not some far out-reaching task.
Since this earth is all we have, the answers must be here.
I think it's coming to me now; it's starting to come clear.

We can reach to distant stars, but nothing will be there.
We can contemplate forever, the burdens that we bare.
But finding all the answers, to this life we're livin,
Will never ever be found out there, because they're freely given.
I think I've found the answers now. I need no longer look.
They're setting here beside me in the pages of God's Book.

So if you ever sit and wonder. How and why and where?
Take the time to read God's word. All the answers are in there.