A Virtuous Woman

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What is a virtuous woman? A description you seek.
She's a woman, designed by God, mild mannered and meek.
A woman whose children arise and call blessed,
who welcomes all strangers and treats them as guests.
A woman who plans for her household by night,
then trusts in the Lord with all of her might.
A woman who cares for her home and family,
who refrains from gossip and speaking idly.
Her husband, well known, within the city's gate,
publicly, praises God for his godly mate.
She's a blessing to all and in all her ways,
plants her trust in the Lord, Whose Voice she obeys.
She teaches her children God's laws and commands,
and daily entrusts them into His strong, loving hands.
"What is a 'virtuous woman', you ask"?
She's a God fearing woman who's
been blessed with a task.
[Proverbs 31:1-31]