Class of Fear

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I was sitting in the class room
ready for the day
when I noticed I was alone
and no one came my way.

No one bothered
saying "Hi"
I never bothered
to ask "why?"

As the class began,
I looked around...
I was desolate
like broken and bound.

I felt I should not be there
that I should be away...
that I should just die,
no one would care anyway.

As I turned to get the pistol
from my bag from behind,
I came across two hands
laying on top of mine.

I looked up to see a face,
shining bright and true.
I trembled as I asked,
"Is it really you?"

Jesus took my hand,
and said child I care for you...
the thing is I died in pain,
so you don't have to.

I turn to see my teacher
and then back around I spun
to see that he was gone...
and so was the gun.