Clown Faces

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The following excerpt is from a book entitled "We Didn't Know They Were Angels" written by Doris W. Greig.

Dear Lord,

My little Janie cuddles in my arms and says, "Let me paint a down face on you, Mommy."

It was her own idea; no one taught her this little game but we play it often together.

She paints my face in imaginary colors and I paint hers in turn.

We play this pointless little game over and over again.

Lord, grown up people play this in their game of life, too.

They paint on a smiling face so that the world can't see their fear, sadness, defeat, misery, bitterness, and emptiness in their hearts.

Please, dear Lord, help me to see behind these grown-up clown faces show me the need of each heart that you send across my path by your Holy Spirit

And, Lord, I ask you to show me how to help them drop their clown faces and reach out to you.