Coffee and the Lookin' Glass

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There I was standing in front of the mirror this morning shaving and I recalled how Grandma always called the mirror a looking glass.

Now I have this terrible habit of not pronouncing the "g" when saying words ending in "ing".

So when I pronounce the words "looking glass" it comes out sounding more like "lookin glass".

Well I let the thought pass for the time being and continued shaving.

After I finished shaving I headed into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee.

And as I sat there with my cup of coffee the thought of the "lookin glass" returned to me.

So I thought on this for a while and I realized that maybe a "look in glass" wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Something to make us look inside ourselves at the beginning of each and every day.

To look inside ourselves and think about what positive things we are doing to strengthen our relationship with the Lord. . . .

And what negatives we are adding that could damage our relationship with the Lord.

Well the coffee is done, and I think tomorrow I'll spend an extra minute or two in front of the mirror to use it as a "lookin glass".

Just a thought over coffee!