Directions to His House

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Follow These Directions To His House. They Couldn't B Better!

Make a right turn onto "Believers Boulevard" keep straight and go on through the light (its always green) that is Jesus Christ.

From there, you must turn onto the "Bridge of Faith," which is over troubled water.

When you get off the bridge make that right turn and keep straight. You are now on the "King's Highway" keep going, you'll pass three markers, one is for the Father, one is for the Son and one is for the Holy Spirit.

Exit off onto "Grace Boulevard" make a right turn onto "Fellowship Lane" keep straight until you get to "Prayer Boulevard," make another right turn, as you go on your way.

Yield not to the traffic on "Temptation Avenue" don't take that shortcut down "Sin Street" because it is a dead end! Bypass "Envy Drive" "Backbiting Boulevard" and "Have Avenue."

You'll only waste precioius time. Don't get lost on "Hypocrisy Street" or "Abuse Avenue" that's a bad neighborhood. But most likely you will have to travel "Long-suffering Lane," "Persecution Plaza" and Trials and Tribulations Road," they are available, but stay on couse, because VICTORY BOULEVARD is straight ahead.