Each Step Toward Heaven

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Each step I take toward Heaven,
seems to be a larger one;
but I know I can make it,
with the help of Christ, God's Son.

The reason He was placed on Earth,
and why He died for me;
now in my heart and in my soul,
His sacrifice I see.

And though sometimes I stumble,
and it hurts when I do fall;
I know if I continue,
at the end, it's worth it all.

For I will then feel no more pain,
not one tear will I cry;
for God has told me in His Word,
that all my tears He'll dry.

And this I am believing,
not one doubt in my mind;
and if you will look closely,
in my heart, it's Christ you'll find.

Yes, sometimes I slip backward,
and Christ seems a mile away;
but He is right beside me,
if I bow my head and pray.

Now are you headed upward?
If not stand on your knees,
bow your head and call Christ's name;
and He will hear your pleas.