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Four hundred fifty prophets
of Ba'al were gathered round
Elijah, that stood for God
Came together in a town

Elijah simply asked them
How long before you decide
Between your two opinions
Which do you choose? None replied

Because you number many
And I, for God, am just one
You supply the bullocks
Their lesson had just begun

They dressed them for the alter
With no fire underneath
Wiped the blood from off the knives
Set them back into their sheath

And now Elijah told them
Pray to your god, and I mine
One who answers by fire
Will be God whom reigns divine

Ba'al's prophets they were first
From sun up until sun down
They prayed and leapt and hollered
But no answer, brought a frown

Elijah with a smile
As he sat and mocked them all
Cry louder he don't hear you
Does he not answer your call?

Elijah fixed the alter
Used a symbol for twelve tribes
With the twelve stones that he used
Israel what it describes

He put all wood in order
Made a trench there round-a-bout
They filled it up with water
Even though there was a drought

Now everything was soaking
Sacrifice and wood and all
Then he called upon the Lord
Fire from Heaven did fall

It consumed even the dust
Sacrifice, water and wood
They all fell to their faces
Not one had misunderstood

That there be only one God
Not another that compares
And HE will always listen
When His will is in our prayers.

1Kings 18:21-40
Rebecca Grant 3/24/00