Even A Sparrow

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I may not be the most important bird.
Not a mountain-top dwelling Moses-eagle,
Or a bold, aggressive Joshua-falcon taking cities.

My wings don't dance to music of my own making like the David-hummingbird.

I don't have the Solomon-peacock's wealth or splendid plumage.

No one ever called me a resourceful Ruth-robin.

Nor a Paul-pelican fisher of men.

I can't claim to be the pure, beautiful Mary-swan,
Nor the passionate, devoted Magdeline-nightingale.

I've not attained the perfection of the Jesus-dove,
But God has counted my every feather-hair and knows me by name.

I may not have the glory of other birds,
But He loves me enough to be the wind beneath my wings!

He is a shield to all.

In God's kingdom even a lowly sparrow can fly,
Even a sparrow has worth,
Even a sparrow is precious in his sight!