His Unfailing Words

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I once was a man full of emptiness. I meant nothing to no one. I was a leper, despised among all. My life was worth less than an ill dog. There was nothing to look forward to, nothing to hold on to. One day I met Him, from the first glance I could see the love flowing in His eyes. With all my heart I believed.

As He walked by I touched Him. I could feel a moving spirit in Him, The simple yet powerful words He spoke is something I will never forget "your faith has set you free" instantly I was healed. Free from my shame, my sinful body. Now as I stand here in agony I look at Him, my eyes meet His once again. Flashes of the great miracles He brought to us refreshed In my mind. I ask myself why do they hate Him so? I suppose the answer is that we fear what we do not understand.

I regain myself as I ask Him, why don't you just get off Master! I know you have the power. He just looks at me with those same loving eyes, the eyes I had just met months before. Though In great pain He still loves the very souls that bring Him such torture. Darkness covers the day sky as I heard Him speak to the unclean man beside Him, tears slowly rolled down His cheek and stung upon His wounds as He replied to the man, this day you will be with me in paradise!

The last thing I remember of that day is my Lord crying out with a loud voice, Father into your hands I commend my spirit! Just in that moment there was a fierce quake as the Earth shook! I gasped in fear as I realized my Lord was now nonexistent! I prayed for days, but finally I heard of a rumor, it told of his resurrection. All of my pain left me as I leapt for joy and searched for the truth that I had already known in my heart.

I finally found Him speaking to a crowd as He descended into the heavens, once again I felt the same spirit around me and through me consuming my evil and replacing it with such a perfect purity as I had felt the first day we met. My Lord, my Savoir had risen and He will be back! For this is His promise and in these unfailing words of promise there is nothing but peace, love, security and truth. Amen