A Hope 

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An abandoned, neglected child,
Left to wonder the streets wild.

A faithful yet beaten wife,
He continually threatens to take her life.

Why would God permit these things?
Why won't He give the hurt ones wings

To fly away from all the pain,

To fly away from the insane?

How can we understand
Why He won't stop them with His mighty hand?

Why can't the blind be made to see

And the innocent be set free?

So many try to hold onto this life.
They are willing to take it all in strife.

Yet God has so many higher plans.

Far beyond all of man's.

Men cannot see into eternity,
And they do not know who can set them free.

But God wants to give us a heavenly home.

One we can truly call our own.

He looks forward to the day
When He can wipe all their tears away.

He offers a hope and a peace

That can set their minds at ease.

All they must do to receive
Is simply to believe!