Is It True?

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One day a girl in seventh grade came up to a girl in second grade. She said "Did you now...that your dad is gone?". The second grade girl replied "No he isn't, he's at home with my mom.".

"Are you sure about that?" said the seventh grade girl.

Even though the second grade girl said that she didn't believe the seventh grade girl, she did believe her. Her dad did sound like he was never going to see her again that morning. When she got home her mom and dad were both there. She was relieved to know he was there. She gave him the biggest hug she'd ever given. She went up to her room and took out her bible.

She wondered "Is the Bible true?".

She not only got out one bible, but all of them she had, even her dad and mom's bible. She flipped threw all of them. She noticed that they all had the same stories. Now she knew the Bible was true. Only one seventh grade girl told her about her dad. She loved being loved by God!